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Fun activity sessions
for babies, toddlers,
children & their grown-ups!

Tel: 02 31 67 59 91

SIRET number 51815447100016

Séances ludiques pour les bébés, touts petits et leur adultes!

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Please note: Sessions will not run during the weeks our gite is booked.

Musical Fun Sessions
Tuesday mornings 10H ~ 12H

On Tuesday mornings people arrive from 10 and we have tea and coffee while the children play. At 10.30 we start a session of musical fun. It lasts around 40 minutes and follows the same pattern each week. Some songs are repeated so the children learn them and others are new each week. We have different themes so children ( and parents) build their English vocabulary of numbers, animals, transport etc. We play with puppets, shakers and instruments. The songs are mainly traditional English nursery songs with some French songs and games with French counting and colours.

After the music we have more coffee, tea and biscuits. The children play and the adults chat. It’s a friendly group for all nationalities and new people are always welcome. People leave around midday.

Jump and Play Sessions
Wednesday mornings 10H ~ 12H

Thursday mornings 10H ~ 12H

We’ve got lots of toys for indoor physical fun and imagination so that even when it rains there is somewhere not too far away for you to come to with your little ones. Each week there will be mats on the floor, an area for physical play, an area for imaginative play and a baby area. There will be a selection of the following: bouncy castle, small ball pit, ride-on toys, alphabet truck, rollercoaster truck, slide, dressing up, garage, castle, dolls, kitchen and perhaps messy play. You can play and meet with friends, there will be tea and coffee and plenty to do, so come along and try it!


The Sessions are all about having fun with your little ones. All nationalities are welcome. You can come regularly or occasionally. The sessions are for all ages from little babies to around 5 year-olds. Big brothers and sisters are welcome during the school holidays.

The Cost There is no fixed charge because I want them to be available for everyone whatever your means. There is a money box for you to pay into; I suggest 3 Euros as a fair price per session, some people pay more, some people pay less; it is anonymous so you just quietly put in what you can. There will also be a pot for people to put a financial contribution towards the tea, coffee and cakes.

You Need to Call to say that you are coming. This is just in case I ever need to cancel, for example when our gite is booked or if we reach a maximum number of jumping children! If you come every week, you won’t need to phone, I would call you if anything wasn’t going to happen as normal. This phoning system is there to allow people to come occasionally and to never have a wasted journey where you discover we are full up. Therefore, please call to reserve a spot for the session you’d like to come to. 02 31 67 59 91


About Me When we were in England I worked with children in various settings and used play and music in my work. When we came here from London in 2007 I missed having groups where I could go with my little boy. So I decided to see if anyone fancied the musical fun I’d been doing in the UK, these groups have grown from there & I’ve met some lovely people and made some fantastic friends through it, both French and English.

Where Are We? Please see the directions on the 'where we are' page to discover exactly where Le Hamel Roger is. In brief, we are 20 minutes north of Vire along the D577, the nearest big village is Le Beny Bocage. Please don't trust a SATNAV to get you here!

The only things left to say are Thank You for looking at this, you are very welcome to come along and try it. Please CALL ME 02 31 67 59 91 for more info or to reserve a place for a session.

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