Le Hamel Roger

Le Hamel Roger

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Within an hour we have the Normandy D-Day beaches and of course the Allied and German cemeteries, one of which is only a few kilometres from our home. A visit to this area is a moving and thought provoking experience.

For a little light relief, why not visit Caen with its many museums, galleries and places of interest. It also boasts one of the most picturesque quaysides in France and is known for its antiques markets, brocantes and, of course, shopping.

To the west we have Mont St Michelle and the seaside resorts of Granville and Avranche, with many small coves and beaches between.

There is a railway station in Vire, our nearest large town. Trains to many of the attractions on this page offer a relaxed way to see France.


Omaha Beach

Travel time about 1 hour. Click for directions

The route will take you through some very pleasant villages and fine scenery. At your destination, you can relax on the beach or visit the nearby Omaha Beach museum and memorials.

There are many accounts of the D-Day landings, which were especially difficult at Omaha beach. Here are three of them:


Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach



About an hour. Click for directions

In the centre of the town, on the sea front, is the Landing Museum, with interesting exhibits and models of the Mulberry Harbour (Port Winston), the remains of which can be seen off the beach.

To the east of the town is a memorial, adjacent to which is the famous 360 cinema, which is well worth a visit to gain an insight into the feelings and experiences of those taking part in the landings and the aftermath.

The memorial site is up a hill and can be accessed either on foot, by taking the free 'train' that departs from outside of the main museum, or by car.

Parking in Arromanches is limited, and you may consider going straight to the memorial site and parking there, visiting the town by way of the footpaths or the 'train'.

To the east of Arromanches, are the British, Canadian and French landing beaches (Gold, Juno and Sword), all of which can be accessed from the coast road.

To the west are the American landing beaches (Omaha and Utah), all similarly accessed from the coast road, although Utah Beach is a fair distance away and is best visited separately.

Near to the landing beaches are the respective Allied War Cemeteries.

Depending on whether or not the landing beaches are visited, the return to the cottage can be made through St. Lo (after Omaha Beach) or Caen (after Gold, Juno and Sword Beaches).

Otherwise, the return can be made by reversing the original route, through Bayeux.


Museum at Arromanches


Sherman Tank at Arromanches

Sherman tank
French Armoured Division

U.S. Cemetary at Arromanches

American cemetary



360 Cinema - in Arromanches

Well worth a visit, you will find yourself right in the middle of the action!
More Information


360 degree Cinema at Arromanches

360 Cinema


Pegasus Bridge and Merville Battery

About 45 minutes. Click for directions

A visit to the memorials and scenes of the glider and parachute landings made on the eve of D-Day, to neutralise the German battery at Merville, and to capture the bridges over the River Orne and the Orne Canal, to the east of Caen.

Merville Battery Merville Battery

To read more about the attack in WW2 these links offer good accounts:

Horsa Glider


Pegasus Bridge

Pegasus Bridge



About 35 minutes. Click for map

The journey is well signposted through pretty villages. Bayeux is beautiful with it's gothic architecture, river and spectacular cathedral. Of course there is the tapestry which is well worth a visit. There are plenty of bars, cafes and open places to enjoy a meal.

Bayeux catheral

Harold comes to Normandy
(part of the famous tapestry)

Mont Saint Michel

About 1 hour. Click for directions

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a rocky tidal island with a medieval abbey and village of 50 people located approximately one kilometre off the coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River, on the border between Normandy and Britanny.

From the air...

...and by night

An Afternoon Drive

About two hours of driving, taking in Flers, Bagnoles-de-l'Orne and Domfront

Click for map

Bagnoles-de-l'Orne is a delightful spa town, nestling on the southern edge of the Foret Des Andaines. The streets are decorated with flowers. There are many hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants. The town has a large park, with a lake, and a swimming pool. Woodland walks can be easily accessed from the town car parks. The town is well worth a stop to explore. It has a number of antique shops, and holds Antique Fairs/Brocantes.

Domfront is an old mediaeval town, with a ruined castle and ramparts. The streets of the old part of the town are cobbled and narrow. It is well worth stopping here, to enjoy the sights and the pavement cafes



Domfront Castle

Domfront castle

Chateau Flers

Chateau Flers



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